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S1-Introduction1 S234-Addition2 S567-Subtraction3 S8-Multiplication4 S9-Division5 S10-Complete Set6
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Welcome to Our Academy

Academy Soroban is much closer to you than any learning center. It comes to your computer as a set of interactive ebooks.

The Mental Arithmetic Ebook Set can be used by teachers for private tutoring, or you can become your own teacher, or your child's teacher. Your campus is in your computer. Academy Soroban provides you with the most efficient and the most economical way to learn Abacus Mental Arithmetic. You can click Contents for detailed information, or Purchase to buy.

Individual Approach to Education!

The Mental Arithmetic Set makes it possible for you to study on your own at your own convenience.

In addition to the interactive ebooks, you also get free membership to Menar Online Platform, where you get the chance to practice and build mental calculation skills and compete against thousands of other Soroban learners. The package also contains a Menar abacus.