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Abacus, The Magic Beads


Abacus , which is also known as soroban, consists of beads that slide along rods in a frame and comes in different types. It can be described as the first computer that dates back to 3000 BC with its earliest form consisting of stones lined up on a surface of sand.

Abacus is believed to have been first used by Sumerians in Mezopotamia approximately 4500 years ago in the form of tablets with cuniform-carved lines on. Its name comes from “Abax” in Greek. The earliest form of abacus that has survived till today is a marble tablet of 150 cm X 75 cm with lines carved on it. This 2300-year-old tablet was unearthed in 1846 in the island of Salamis, Greece.

In its actual shape today, it was first seen in the Far-east about 2200 years ago and has become one of the most important tools of the regional culture. It was brought to Japan in the 15th century and given the 5-bead shape and called "soroban" by the Japanese.

This simple instrument is like a powerful computer. In today's digital environment, this non-electric device is the most popular arithmetic tool that is used in teaching young students numbers and basic mathematics. It is proven to be very beneficial in children's brain development.

The type of abacus that is used in Menar program has five beads on each rod as seen in the picture. The beads that represent numbers in a certain systematic are moved up and down along the rods. This way all kinds of arithmetic calculations can be made very easily and very fast.

In 2005, Abacus was selected, by the readers of Forbes magazine, the second most important tool of all times mankind has ever invented that has had the biggest impact on civilization..

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Mental Arithmetic


Mental Arithmetic is fast calculation through brain power alone without using pen, pencil, paper, calculator or any other tool. In other words, it means "calculation from the mind".

This is an extraordinary skill. First students learn how to use the abacus/soroban to make arithmetic calculations. Through regular practice, the image of the abacus is formed on their mind. After a certain point, they don't need to use the abacus any more while making calculations. They just visualize the abacus. They solve arithmetic problems faster than an electronic calculator while their fingers are moving imaginary beads.

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Menar is the creator of an excellent Abacus Mental Arithmetic system. Menar opened its first center in Mersin, Turkey in September 2008 with 40 students. A year later, Menar started the new school year in September 2009 with 4 franchises and 250 students

Today it is operating in 10 countries with tens of franchises in hundreds of centers reaching more than 50 thousand students. Soroban is the lite version of Menar program created by the same author for home use and self-tutoring purposes.

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Anzan is windows-based software designed by Menar. It displays numbers and arithmetic problems on the screen. It is very easy to use. All the parameters, such as the type of calculation, difficulty and speed levels, number of digits, number of problems, etc, can be adjusted by the user. Then, Anzan produces problems based on the selected parameters.

Anzan is one of the essential elements of abacus mental arithmetic program.

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Online Platform


Online Platform is Menar's web-based portal where registered users (students) enter with their user name and password from any computer with internet connection. Teachers can assign online homework to their students and can monitor their performance. The Platform also provides a field of competition for the students with all kinds of arithmetic problems where they climb through higher levels as they increase their speed and mental calcualtion skills while having fun.

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