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If you purchase the complete set, you pay only 149 Dollars for a value of 260 Dollars. That's not all. By purchasing the complete set, you will also get Menar student abacus as a gift. The package will include Menar Online Platform and Menar Anzan Software, as well

a. Menar Student Abacus (You will pay only the shipping charges.)

Menar Abacus

b. Menar Online Platform Membership
Menar Online Platform is a web-based portal where thousands of Menar students are registered users. Online Platform also provides a field of competition for the students with all kinds of arithmetic problems where they climb through higher levels as they increase their speed and mental calcualtion skills while having fun.

c. Menar Anzan software is a windows-based program which displays random arithmetic problems on the screen with adjustable speed and dificulty levels of different operation types.
Anzan is an essential tool in developing fast mental calculation skills.