You'll Teach YourselfAbacus Mental Arithmetic !

Basic Concepts

What is Abacus / Soroban?
Abacus is a tool consisting of beads that are strung on rods in a frame. It is believed to have been first used by Sumerians in Mezopotamia approximately 4500 years ago in the form of tablets with cuniform-carved lines on.

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What is Mental Arithmetic?
Mental Arithmetic is fast calculation through brain power alone without using pen, pencil, paper, calculator or any other tool. In other words, it means "calculation from the mind".

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What is Menar/Soroban?
Menar is an international system of mental arithmetic which is used in hundreds of learning centers in several countries. Soroban is the lite version of Menar system designed for self-study purposes.

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What are the benefits?
The system helps children build amazing mental calculation skills. They can mentally calculate arithmetic problems of multi-digit numbers in lightening speed. But that's only one side of the coin. They also develop extraordinary memory, attention, and concentration skills.

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The Author

Halit Sen
The Founder/President of Menar International, is a retired university teacher who established MENAR in 2008 which has become a popular abacus mental arithmetic system in several countries in Europe and Asia reaching more than a hundred thousand children in 8 years.


Who is Halit Sen?

Halit Sen started his professional life as a teacher in 1972. He has more than 40 years of experience in the field of education. He has an M.A. degree in Linguistics. He has received several certificates from various institutions such as University of Columbia, Barcelona University, Aramco Training Department and CMA Institute. He authored and co-authored several books in language teaching. He retired from his position as a university teacher before he established Menar in 2008. He designed the educational foundation of Menar program with all its resources, creating one of the best and most efficient abacus mental arithmetic systems available. He recently created the lite version of Menar System in the form of interactive ebooks and published them by the name Soroban to help parents teach their children this wonderful system in the convenience of their homes.


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